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California Senate District 22

Job Description

Starting Salary: $107,242

The Golden State’s upper legislative chamber will be filling 20 of its 40 total positions.

Working conditions will depend on the partisan breakdown of all new hires. With the current composition of the Senate—26 Democrats and 14 Republicans—Democrats are one position short of holding a supermajority. A supermajority in both the Assembly and Senate would allow Democrats, if united, to raise taxes, override vetoes, place constitutional amendments on the ballot, and give them the option to ignore their Republican colleagues.

Job duties include:

  • Spend months drafting, discussing, and haggling over bills that will affect the lives of all Californians
  • Retain the option of waiting until the very last week of session before passing or dumping most of said bills in a flurry
  • Spend months drafting, discussing, and haggling over resolutions that will affect the lives of virtually no Californians
  • Help craft a multi-billion-dollar budget for the state
  • Strive to represent the interests of 1 million constituents, most of them strangers


Mike Eng

College Teacher

Susan Rubio


HR Note

Incumbent Party: Democratic (Open Seat)
Democratic vs Republican Voter Registration: 28.8% D
Trump vs Clinton Margin, 2016: 45.3% Clinton
Margin of Victory in Last Election: 29.6%
Top Two Primary Applicants, June 2018: Mike Eng (45.3%), Susan Rubio (26.4%)
Democratic vs Republican Vote Share, June 2018: 100% D

This San Gabriel Valley seat will remain in Democrats’ control no matter what. But it’s certain to become an expensive intra-party fight between former Assemblyman Mike Eng, who is married to Congresswoman Judy Chu and has been endorsed by the California Democratic Party, and Baldwin Park City Councilwoman Susan Rubio, who has a sister in the Assembly and is supported by charter schools advocates. Eng won almost twice as many votes in June as Rubio. By the end of July, he had raised nearly seven-times as much money.


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