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Currently: California Controller

The incumbent state controller wants a second shot at the job, and she’s running on her reputation as a no-nonsense financial manager and watchdog.

Not many kids dream of being number crunchers when they grow up, but Yee has been training for this position ever since she was a kid counting back change to customers at her parents’ laundromat in San Francisco. Since then, she’s held many of the state’s top fiscal posts.


    • Audits
    • Reducing tax revenue volatility
    • Stripping maligned state tax agencies of power
    • The rules of the road

Letters of Recommendation:

      • Jerry Brown
      • California Democratic Party
      • California Nurses Association
      • EMILY’s List
      • Equality California
      • Peace Officers Research Association of California
      • Los Angeles Times editorial board
      • San Francisco Chronicle editorial board

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The Resume of Betty Yee

Controller, 2015 – Present

  • Audited the state’s tax administration agency, the Board of Equalization, and publicly successfully called for it to be stripped of its duties and responsibilities
  • Published a massive report on how the state might modernize its tax code (though it did not issue recommendations)
  • Unearthed shoddy accounting and reckless spending in the city of Compton

Board of Equalization member, 2006 – 2015

  • Led the fight to force Amazon to collect sales taxes on its online sales

Chief deputy budget director of Department of Finance, 1999 – 2003


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