Secretary of State Applicant

Mark Meuser

Currently: Lawyer

Mark Meuser has one goal as Secretary of State: clean up California’s voter rolls. With Trumpian zeal, Meuser argues that Democrats benefit from systematic voter fraud in California. There isn’t much evidence to back up the claim, but his single-minded fervor has won him plenty of fans from the MAGA crowd.

Born in Huntington Beach, Meuser was a pizza restaurant owner in Idaho before deciding to get his law degree at Oak Brook Christian correspondence college. Since then, he has worked at a number of law offices across the country, taking on cases that reflect the bleeding edge of the modern conservative movement.


  • Cycling (often between campaign stops)
  • Shooting campaign ads in graveyards

Letters of Recommendation:

  • California Republican Party
  • California Republican Assembly
  • Republican Former California Secretary of State Bill Jones
  • 2014 Republican candidate for Secretary of State Pete Peterson

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The Resume of Mark Meuser

Attorney (various law offices), 2005 – Present

  • Has represented the president of the UC Berkeley College Republicans in his lawsuit against a leftist organizer, a passenger who sued United Airlines, and the alt-right Internet troll, Charles “Chuck” Johnson, in his legal dispute with the National Abortion Federation
  • Co-led the unsuccessful ballot measure campaign to ban abortion in Colorado


With Meuser you’re more sure of fair and honest elections.


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